New website!

Well, after many hours of planning, coding and about 102 cups of tea - I give you the brand new TRUTH.BE.TOLD website! As you can probably guess, I'm pretty excited (and not just because all of the caffeine in those cups of tea). 

The new shiny TRUTH.BE.TOLD brings all of the creative projects and services we offer into one place. So now, you can keep up with the latest wedding stationery, illustration and TRUTH.BE.TOLD stationery product news all in one happy corner of the internet.  

I hope you like the new site - it has been a labour of love getting everything together, but also a lot of fun looking back at all of the old projects. Let me know what you think via the comments! And of course, the old faithful blog and website are still out there in the interwebs for you to look on back through - take and a peek over here.  

Check in again for more exciting news in the next few days!  

Jess x